Face Fit Testing - Don't wait for the HSE to make the decision for you!

Face fit testing is such a reactive business.

A lot of our enquiries are usually due to HSE inspectors turning up on site and issuing formal enforcement actions, or contractors not being allowed on site due to lack of face fit testing and/or certification.

I'm often told that this is the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th time that some people are being face fit tested in the last 12 months due to not having their certificates. Whether this is due to losing them, contractors keeping hold of them or never being provided with a "proper" certificate in the first place.

To satisfy the HSE, certificates need to contain quite a bit of information. A business type card with your name, the mask and "Passed" on it will not be suitable. The information the HSE will look for on a certificate is;

•Name of the person tested

•Make, model, material and size of RPE

•Whether the wearer’s own mask, pool mask or a Testers mask was used

•The test exercises performed

•Fit test method employed

•Pass level used

•Date of the test

•The details of the fit tester

•Where possible, the serial number or other means of identifying the equipment employed in the fit test

As fit2fit accredited face fit testers, we are required to store all certificates/results/training etc for a minimum of 5 years, as are you. As a company we will always email you your certificates to ensure you can print/copy/store or forward on your certificates very easily.

Even if the email is lost or accidentally deleted, we can always be contacted to re-issue your certificates for you.

Face fit testing is a REQUIREMENT for EVERYBODY who wears a tight-fitting piece of RPE to PROTECT them against hazardous substances. If this is you, then be ahead of the game and don't wait for the HSE to charge you for what you already know!

IESS are a family run business, based in Bolton, Greater Manchester, in the North west of England, offering a fully fit to fit accredited quantitative and qualitative face fit testing service to the whole of the UK. Our mission is to offer a fast efficient Face fit testing service, tailored to the needs of each customer, whilst maintaining high standards of workmanship. This will ensure companies remain compliant with HSE legislation HASAWA (1974), HSE OC282/28, COSHH 2005, CLAW 2002 and CAR 2012. IESS have a quality led customer focused team, who will offer flexibility and efficiency, there by ensuring minimum disruption to your company while conducting Face Fit Testing.

We also have an offer of 5% discount when making a booking in March 2017.

Please visit www.iess-ltd.co.uk for more details.

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