Face Fit Testing made easy

So you have been set the wonderful task of sorting out Face Fit Testing for your employees/colleagues/contractors etc

Where do you start?

Are your employees already wearing RPE? If so do you know the protection level they offer? What the hazard is they are using them for? The duration of the task they will need to wear the RPE for? The best method (quantitative and qualitative) to use for Face Fit Testing? Do you know a competent person or company who can conduct the testing for you?

It's a lot to try and get you head around, but there is a lot of help out there to help you get started.

Here at IESS we will walk you through, step by step, and make sure all the right boxes are ticked.

Being fit2fit accredited, the scheme ran by the BSIF to deem competency, means we can take the right track in helping you to ensure you are doing what, is not only best for business, but best for your employees, co-workers etc.

Take the right step and contact us today for a no obligation tailored quote to suit your requirements.


07925 725 705


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