The importance of proving competence

Are you sure that the RPE you provide to your employees fits them properly? Are you sure the face fit test was carried out competently? You ought to be, because the health of your employees could be at serious risk.

Recent research indicates that up to 50% of all RPE used does not offer the wearer the level of protection assumed and one of the major reasons is that it simply does not fit! Yet, under the regulations RPE must be correctly selected and this includes, for many types of RPE, a face piece Fit Test conducted by a competent person. So how can you be sure the person conducting the fit test is competent?

In view of these major concerns the British Safety Industry Federation, along with the HSE and other industry stakeholders have developed a competency scheme for Fit Test Providers. The Fit2Fit RPE Fit Test Providers Accreditation Scheme is designed to confirm the competency of any person performing face piece fit testing.

“In preparing the Fit2Fit RPE fit testers accreditation scheme, BSIF and other industry stakeholders have worked closely with the experts in Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Following this scheme is not compulsory and employers are free to take other action to comply with the law. But if you follow this scheme, you will be doing enough to demonstrate good practice.”

(source: fit2fit)

IESS are a family run business, based in Bolton, Greater Manchester, in the North west of England, offering a fully fit2fit accredited quantitative and qualitative face fit testing service to the whole of the UK. Our mission is to offer a fast efficient Face fit testing service, tailored to the needs of each customer, whilst maintaining high standards of workmanship. This will ensure companies remain compliant with HSE legislation HASAWA (1974), COSHH 2005, CLAW 2002 and CAW 2012. IESS have a quality led customer focused team, who will offer flexibility and efficiency, there by ensuring minimum disruption to your company while conducting Face Fit Testing.

Always check your Face Fit Tester coming to site is #fit2fit accredited, IESS are fully accredited and you can visit for more details or for a tailored quote to suit your requirements.

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