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Face fit testing is essential for people wearing tight-fitting rpe, when a seal is required as protection.

But what use is the mask and testing, if yourself or your colleagues and employees, don't know how to don the mask correctly.

Everybody thinks they are putting their mask on correctly, but very few are!

This is where we come in, as well as the face fit testing we always make sure the mask is donned in the best way possible to provide the best fit. Remember, tightest doesn't always mean safest!

We also carry a selection of masks that we can use, whether you are in the selection process or as an alternative to the mask you are already using, to cut down on repeat visits and try to get people passed on suitable RPE on the day.

For information or to book either qualitative or quantitative testing by a fit2fit accredited technician, please see my contact details below.



07925 725 705

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